Since 2011 Lucky Star Horsemanship has been dedicated to helping horses and humans achieve better communication, confidence and strengthening their partnership so that their full potential can be achieved! With Clinics, Workshops, Lessons, Evaluations and Special Events Lucky Star Horsemanship has enriched the lives of horses and humans to be betterment of all. Based in the Hudson Valley/ Catskill Region of New York, we are able to provide the region with cost-effective, quality learning opportunities!

What Is

"Cooperative Horsemanship?"

"Cooperative Horsemanship" is an approach that uses the horse's ability to learn and its social nature to help create real communication, control, confidence and a partnership that will form the foundation upon which anything can be built.  Simply put this is a training approach that works with the horse – the way it thinks, the way it interacts with the world – to achieve all the things we want in a horse/human partnership. The approach is simple (though not always easy) and helps the horse gain confidence in itself and the leadership of the human. It improves communication. It improves control. It sets the human and horse up for success.

Now, let’s be clear. This is NOT something we invented. In fact this type of horsemanship dates back to around 400 BC as Xenophon wrote about it in his treatise Cyropaedia. In his writings we find many of the same basic horsemanship concepts we see many “branded trainers” use today (and make money on). The horse has not changed –mentally or physically - all that much since 400 BC. Neither has effective horsemanship. In the 21st Century we like to be able to describe and categorize everything. We want our lives and our horsemanship in neat little packages. The reality is that, like so many Arts, Horsemanship cannot be quickly learned and neatly packaged. The journey is what it is. “Cooperative Horsemanship” is just our way of helping the modern student of the horse to categorize the approach. So…that is it in a nutshell. Cooperative Horsemanship is a term we use to describe an approach to building communication, confidence and control in the framework of partnership between horse and human. We focus on the “quiet conversation” and giving the horse the best deal when asking for an action. No fear, no intimidation, no heavy hands, bits or techniques. Just good solid horsemanship with respect for the horse and the human.




Lucky Star Horsemanship offers Clinics, Workshops, Skill Evaluations, Lessons and Equine Event Management. Based out of Catskill, New York we are able to serve the region with quality learning opportunities.

Lucky Star Horsemanship offers the equine community and students of the horse the following services.

  • CLINICS:  Full-Day Clinics are held for a minimum of three (3) Riders and a maximum of ten (10) participants. Single day Clinics are usually seven to eight (7-8) hours long, with a one (1) hour lunch break. Lunch is usually provided. Participants also get a copy of our Cooperative Horsemanship booklet. Base price per participant is $150.00. Half-Day Clinics are three to four hours in length and have a base price of $100.00 per Rider. Multi-day clinics can also be arranged. A small travel fee may be applied depending on the location. Clinics are held at a location of your choosing. Please contact us for details.
  • DELUXE PRIVATE LESSONS: This is a ONE-ON-ONE 90 minute session with you and your horse. Groundwork and Riding skills will be focused on. Participants also get a copy of our Cooperative Horsemanship booklet. Base price per participant is $95.00. A small travel fee may be applied depending on the location. Workshops are held at a location of your choosing. Please contact us for details.
  • DELUXE SMALL GROUP LESSONS: Small group lessons are held at your location for a minimum of two (2) Riders and up to four (4) Riders. Small group lessons are usually two (2) hours in length, and cover both groundwork and riding skills. Base price per participant is $90.00. A small travel fee may be applied depending on the location. Small group lessons are held at a location of your choosing. Please contact us for details.    


We can sculpt clinics and workshops to match your needs. Here are just a few of the clinic focuses that have been very popular over the last several years.

  • BUILDING A FOUNDATION I: Effective Round Pen & Groundwork (great for younger/ green horses)
  • BUILDING A FOUNDATION II: Effective Groundwork & Effective Riding Basics
  • INTRODUCTION TO HORSEMANSHIP: Building stronger partnerships and more refined communication through groundwork, riding and patterns.
  • HORSEMANSHIP IMMERSION I: Delving deep into your horsemanship, correcting behavior issues, improving communication, control and confidence.
  • HORSEMANSHIP IMMERSION II: Taking your partnership to new levels, refining skills and communication and improving overall body control and “softness.”
  • INTRODUCTION TO OBSTACLES/OBJECTS: Challenging your partnership with the introduction of obstacles, objects and equine games.


Lucky Star Horsemanship can manage your special event, from conceptualization to execution. Whether it is a tack swap meet to a regional horse exposition (check out EQUUS FEST EAST for an example at we can handle your special event needs. Our event management fees are very cost-effective and we provide a variety of services that will ensure your event is successful. To discuss your special event needs please email us at


Lucky Star Horsemanship is COMMITTED to helping you and your horse reach your goals! To help you do this, Lucky Star Horsemanship is offering you a great deal! 


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When the partnership is strong between horse and human there is no limit to what can be achieved. Lucky Star Horsemanship provides FUN, easy-to-use, cost-effective learning opportunities that are geared to help horse and human enjoy the ride and perform at their best. Be sure to check us out on Facebook to see what we have planned for 2019-2020.  We look forward to riding with you very soon! 




The short answer is SAFETY! You can’t work with the horse if you are injured or dead.

The more involved answer is that by using groundwork as a FIRST STEP in your training program/communication development you can help the horse gain confidence in itself and in YOUR LEADERSHIP as you work on your feel and timing. Through the use of focused groundwork exercises you can gain better control of the horse’s body parts and the horse’s mind as you help it get prepared to work more effectively under saddle. Through the use of groundwork the Human can really get to know the Horse and all of its “signals” from how much pressure is needed to how it is feeling on any given day. Groundwork also allows for the safe introduction and training of new skills. It is MUCH easier to “advance and retreat” on the ground than it is under saddle. Safer too.

So, what if your horse is pretty well trained, confident and dialed in? Well, groundwork STILL is a great “pre-flight check” approach to seeing the horse’s mind, body and spirit on a given day as you take time to do a warm up! You can tell A LOT about the kind of ride or session you are going to have as you go through a ground work routine to warm up your horse. Again, this comes back to a “safety first” approach. It is also the responsible thing to do as the custodian of the horse. Just jumping on is both unwise and unfair.

Take the time and DO YOUR GROUNDWORK! You will be glad you invested the time and the focus in doing so because you have prepared yourself and your horse for success!